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AgitarOne JUnit Generator provides the fastest and easiest way to create a thorough regression suite of JUnit tests, both for new code and for legacy applications. Why write your unit tests when AgitarOne can do it for you - up to 250,000 lines of JUnit code per hour!

AgitarOne Agitator provides a unique interactive understanding of code behavior as a developer writes or modifies Java classes or methods. Our exlusive Software Agitation technology helps developers validate the expected behavior of their code and discover unexpected behaviors.

AgitarOne Functional Coverage Tracker uses a coverage agent to obtain code coverage data during your testing of Java applications, under any Java runtime environment. This can include testing of functionality for any test methodology and any test phase (e.g., unit, integration, system, acceptance).

Whether you’re building a new application, adding new features to existing software, or simply chasing a bug, AgitarOne can help you stay a jump ahead.

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