The Agitar Management Team

Dale Brenneman

Dale Brenneman has been in the software development industry for over 40 years. He has served as a manager of development, testing, services, and support organizations, and as a programmer, tester, quality assurance specialist, trainer, and consultant. Mr. Brenneman has worked for the federal government, including contracts for NASA, and in the commercial software arena. He has worked on such diverse applications as communications systems, orbital flight systems, government administrative systems, and application development tools. Mr. Brenneman has been involved in the development of McCabe IQ, the industry leading software quality management solution from McCabe Software, Inc. which provides source code analysis and test coverage analysis for numerous languages and platforms. Mr. Brenneman has taught training courses and presented at numerous industry events. He has lectured on such diverse topics as structured programming, software optimization, and software analysis and test tool usage. His education includes a degree in Mathematics.