Agitar Software Announces 'No Java Class Left Behind' Program - AgitarOne™ Now Free For Educational Institutions

Agitar’s Flagship Product - AgitarOne™ for Java - Is Available Free To Accredited Educational Institutions For Teaching and Research Purposes; AgitarOne Teaches Students Good Software Engineering Practices and Gives Researchers Access to Cutting-Edge Commercial Development Technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., November 15, 2006 – Agitar Software, the leader in developer testing solutions, today announced that its newly-released product for Java unit testing – AgitarOne – is available free of charge to accredited educational institutions for teaching and academic research. Agitar will also create and make available course material for introducing basic unit-testing principles in programming courses. The initiative will be carried out by Agitar Software Laboratories (AgitarLabs), Agitar’s recently established division for research and advanced development.

AgitarOne is a new integrated solution that brings unprecedented power and simplicity to Java unit testing by providing developers with the most complete and most powerful set of tools in the market. AgitarOne includes Agitar’s award-winning software agitation technology for interactive exploratory testing, which enables automated generation of JUnit tests for thorough regression testing and enforces flexible and extensible code-rules that help eliminate error-prone coding patterns.

"Researchers and practitioners alike agree that having developers create and execute tests while they are writing the code is one the most effective ways to prevent and find bugs. Today, however, most computer science students graduate with little or no exposure to the science and art of software testing," said Alberto Savoia, Agitar’s CTO and head of AgitarLabs. "We believe that the most effective way to get developers used to the theory and practice of testing is to teach them how to test at the same time they are learning how to program. The key goal of this initiative is to give both instructors and students easy access to superior teaching materials and technology, and to show them the huge benefits that developer testing can bring."

AgitarOne offers a server-based deployment model, which is particularly suited for use in a classroom setting. The server-based model requires no configuration on the workstation and enables students to begin seeing meaningful results within minutes of downloading and installing an Eclipse-based client. Additionally, such a deployment model reduces the computing power requirements for students’ workstations by offloading most of the computation to the distributed server.

"It is a real pleasure to see a leading software tools company like Agitar make its state-of-the-art technology freely available for teaching," said Dr. Alex Aiken, professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. "Giving students access to industrial-strength test automation tools helps them learn modern best practices for software engineering."

"Agitar’s technology has deep roots in industrial and academic research in test automation," Said Dr. Roongko Doong, Agitar’s co-founder and Vice President of Technology. "The development of software agitation was inspired by the research on dynamic invariant detection and test-input generation. By making AgitarOne freely available for academic research, Agitar gives back to the people and the community and hopes to inspire further innovative research in software testing technology."


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