AgitarOne Rapid Deployment

Modernize Your Process in as Little as 2 Weeks

Are you worried about falling behind the curve on modern development practices?

Has this been overheard in your office?

"We don't have a CI server yet."

"Our test coverage is below 10%."

"We are waterfall, not Agile and we can't take the time to change."

Too many development and QA cycles are consumed coddling fragile legacy applications (Yes, even with Java – legacy code is not just for COBOL anymore. It refers to any code created without the detailed tests that make it easy to change the code with confidence). The drag from ongoing problems in legacy code slows down the organization, making it harder to meet its commitments.

If you have always wanted to implement and adopt an Agile methodology using a premium Java testing solution like AgitarOne, but didn’t have the time or expertise to get the ball rolling, the wait is over.

The AgitarOne Rapid Deployment Package puts Agile development in your grasp, providing you everything you need to succeed such as:

  • Installation of hardware and/or software for AgitarOne and Continuous Integration
  • Generation of initial unit tests on-site for project
  • On-site training of AgitarOne and development processes recommendations
  • Build server configuration to run tests and generate AgitarOne Management Dashboards
  • Ongoing support from our world-class technical team


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