Lithium Technologies is the leading provider of on-demand enterprise support communities that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve the customer experience, and decrease customer support costs.

"At Lithium, we’ve built a crack Agile development team that can release well-tested updates to our enterprise community platform every two weeks and major new features every quarter. To build a maintainable product as we develop rapidly, we have embraced unit testing as a pillar of our development philosophy, and Agitar is a key technology for us. Not only has it helped us build more testable code, it provides visible metrics against which we can measure our progress every day."
– Phil Soffer, VP of Product Development, Lithium


  • Create and implement a culture dedicated to unit testing at Lithium. Make unit testing a part of developers’ daily routine and expedite the creation of tests.
  • Develop and release software faster. Get on a release pulse in which developers are releasing significant functionality every quarter.
  • Use unit testing results as performance indicators for our agile teams, and as a management metrics at board meetings.


  • Increase speed of development and project quality, while mitigating risk by using AgitarOne.
  • Establish more test coverage and increase productivity in test generation by dedicating one person per team to integrating AgitarOne into development.
  • Integrate with Eclipse IDE and perform exploratory tests while developing or changing code.
  • Avoid long regression cycles at the end of each release by increasing level of test automation and visibility into software quality.