AgitarOne - Putting Java to the Test

Continuous Integration and Test

Both AgitarOne JUnit Generator and AgitarOne Agitator include built-in support for continuous integration and testing. This is a proven best practice of running regression tests and validating the continued correct behavior of the code after any revisions. AgitarOne JUnit Generator and AgitarOne Agitator incorporate the popular open-source solution, CruiseControl.

AgitarOne also integrates easily with Maven. The Maven Antrun plugin is configured to execute an AgitarOne-generated script, to perform any AgitarOne tasks, including JUnit test generation, JUnit test execution, Agitation, Code Rules analysis, and Dashboard creation.

Combining hand-written JUnit tests, JUnit tests created by AgitarOne JUnit Generator, and assertions created using AgitarOne Agitator, gives you a far more thorough set of regression tests than would be possible with hand-written tests alone. It is useful to run these tests frequently to reduce the time that passes between a change and a regression that stems from that change. AgitarOne’s continuous integration and test support rebuilds the modules, runs the regression suite, and reports back on the status. This fast feedback shows a developer if any change introduced a regression, so he or she can fix it immediately.

AgitarOne provides a Hudson continuous integration export wizard plugin, making it easy toconfigure a Hudson job to build an AgitarOne-enabled project.

AgitarOne - CruiseControl (click to enlarge)