AgitarOne - Putting Java to the Test

Automated JUnit Generation - 80% Code Coverage, or Better

AgitarOne JUnit Generator provides the fastest and easiest way to create a thorough regression suite of JUnit tests, both for new code and for legacy applications. AgitarOne JUnit Generator creates tests that document the behavior of your code as it exists today. Powered by Agitar's innovative software agitation technology, the analysis that AgitarOne JUnit Generator performs on your code routinely achieves JUnit coverage of 80% or better. With a sufficient server configuration it can generate 250,000 lines or more of JUnit per hour.

AgitarOne - JUnit Generation

Create a safety net for your code

For legacy projects, AgitarOne JUnit Generator makes it easy to add a “safety net” of regression tests to legacy code. These JUnit tests capture the code's behavior and help you prevent regressions when you make changes to that code. These JUnit tests serve as change detectors and can alert you to unintended consequences of your changes. For the first time, there's an easy way to introduce unit testing at any time in the project's lifecycle, and to tackle the legacy code that holds many organizations back. Best of all, a small focused team in your overall organizations – perhaps in QA or a small group of architects or lead developers – can use AgitarOne JUnit Generator to create the safety net, improve those tests, and use them to improve the code to reduce its maintenance burden on the entire organization.

View a five-minute demo of the power of AgitarOne JUnit Generator.

Create a static “snapshot” of your new code

AgitarOne JUnit Generator makes it easy to create a “snapshot” of your code at major milestones in the form of a set of static JUnit tests. The static tests describe the current behavior of the code, and create a regression suite for use during Continuous Integration and Test.

“Helper” methods can make tests more effective

Developers can refine the generated JUnit tests, working in the familiar paradigm of Java code, by writing some helper methods. These are useful anyway for manual unit testing. But these helper methods are exploited by AgitarOne JUnit Generator to achieve even higher coverage and better tests with more real objects instead of mock objects (which are usually needed to generate tests on complex code).

JUnit generation complements interactive exploratory testing with AgitarOne Agitator

AgitarOne JUnit Generator is a wonderful complement to the interactive exploratory testing provided by the companion product, AgitarOne Agitator. The generated JUnit tests are the foundation for tackling your legacy Java code and making it less of a burden. Agitator is the key to delivering new code more quickly with fewer bugs, and to preventing code complexity that will eventually cause a maintenance burden.