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Software Test & Quality Assurance: Intentionally Avoiding Unintended Side Effects Using Observation Driven Testing with Test Driven Development

The Economist: Software that Makes Software Better
Programmers are using a variety of software tools to help them produce better code and keep bugs at bay.

JDJ: Generating JUnit Tests for Legacy Java Applications
To avoid the drudgery of writing a test case for every edge and boundary, JUnit Factory can generate a large set of characterization tests. Gray Matters Podcast with Alberto Savoia
In this 19-minute podcast, Alberto Savoia discusses the ever-growing challenges for software tools and tool users, as well as his latest project, Crap4j.

JavaWorld: Alberto Savoia Talks Shop About C.R.A.P.
In this 30-minute podcast, Alberto Savoia reveals the thinking behind the C.R.A.P. metric, and explains how you can use it, in tandem with the new Crap4j plugin for Eclipse, to evaluate inherited code.

Dr. Dobb's Report: JUnit: Happy Birthday
JUnit celebrates its 10th anniversary and a report by Evans Data shows increasing usage of it by Java developers worldwide.

SD Times: Happy 10th Birthday, JUnit
JUnit celebrates its 10th anniversary and a report by Evans Data shows increasing usage of it by Java developers worldwide. Painless Unit Testing with AgitarOne: Video Tech Brief
In this 15-minute video, Agitar's Alberto Savoia talks about using AgitarOne for testing legacy code -- code without tests. Beautiful Tests Chapter from Alberto Savoia
Alberto Savoia's chapter in the book called "Beautiful Code" is entitled "Beautiful Tests," and includes some criteria for beautiful testing. AgitarOne Facilitates Unit Testing of Java Code
AgitarOne's version 4.2 can generate a basic set of unit tests that provide 80% code coverage across the project in a matter of hours. Code Coverage Made Safe and Fast for Enterprises
A new version of AgitarOne promises to reduce the risk associated with changing business applications to achieve improved business agility.

Artima Developer: Alberto Savoia on Testing the Untestable
Agitar's Alberto Savoia talks about key challenges in testing legacy code, and describes the new mock object technology in Agitar's latest testing tool.

Application Development Trends: Agitar Unveils Improved Java Test App
Agitar's new version of AgitarOne promises 80 percent project code coverage out of the box.

eWEEK Channel Insider: Agile Brings Professionalism to Software Development
Agitar Software's Jeffrey Fredrick comments on the state of agile development at the Agile 2007 conference in Washington, D.C.

RedHerring.TV: Red Herring 100 Interviews Agitar Software CEO
Jerry Rudisin, CEO of Agitar Software, is interviewed by Red Herring TV on Agitar Software's solution for automated Java unit testing.

Software Test & Performance: How to Train Your Team for Unit Testing
Jeffrey Fredrick of Agitar says that when it comes to adoption of new testing methods, it takes patience, planning, and pacing. Unit Testing Critical for Improving Software Quality
Agitar CTO Alberto Savoia explains his thoughts on the value of unit testing and practices described in The Way of Testivus.

InfoWorld: Java Unit Tests You Forgot to Run
AgitarOne exercises Java code in unique and compelling ways, according to the product reviewers at InfoWorld. AgitarOne Integrates With IBM Rational Solutions
The integration of AgitarOne with IBM Rational Build Forge helps software firms get immediate feedback on their builds.

Application Development Trends: Agitar Adds Java Test App to IBM Rational Build Forge
Agitar Software's Java unit testing solution is now integrated with IBM Rational Build Forge. How to Succeed at Unit Testing
In this 20-minute video webcast, Agitar founder Alberto Savoia talks about how unit testing improves agile development and how automation helps all types of developers succeed at testing better and faster.

Artima Developer: Testing Karma
Agitar founder Alberto Savoia talks about JUnitFactory, testing karma, and Testivus, a newly-discovered collection of epigraphs from an ancient software start-up.

SysCon TV: Interview with Alberto Savoia at JavaOne 2007
Agitar founder Alberto Savoia talks about The Way of Testivus, JUnitFactory, and AgitarOne.

Dr. Dobb's Portal: Are You Immune to Test Infection?
Alberto Savoia, cofounder and CTO of Agitar Software, discusses why developer testing is still the exception and not the rule.

InfoQ: 100% Test Coverage?
Alberto Savoia's "Testivus" comments on how much testing is enough.

SysCon: SOA Virtualization: Agitar Offers Testivus for the Rest of us
Alberto Savoia, cofounder and CTO of Agitar Software, discusses a new brochure about unit testing that was a thematic take-off on the popular episode of Seinfeld which featured the Festivus holiday.

Software Test & Performance: Get Continuous Integration Into Your Head
Jeffrey Fredrick of Agitar says that adopting continuous integration helps you tackle problems as they arise, while they're still fresh in your mind.

Dr. Dobb's Portal: Get Test Infected
Alberto Savoia, cofounder and CTO of Agitar Software, discusses the benefits of and obstacles to developer testing methods, and tells us what he means by "testing for the rest of us."

SDA Asia Magazine: Agitar Extends Regional Presence in AP
Agitar recently expanded Asia-Pacific operations by opening an office in Singapore.

SD Times: Characterization: Beyond Pure Unit Testing
A look at the many benefits of unit testing and how JUnit Factory from Agitar makes it easy to adopt unit testing.

Binstock on Software: How Many Unit Tests are Enough?
Andrew Binstock talks with Agitar folks about how many unit tests are sufficient to reach the level of "well-tested code.

Codehaus: JUnit Factory
This blog site takes a look at Agitar's new free online JUnit test generation service,

Artima Developer: Testivus - Testing For The Rest Of Us
In this article by Alberto Savoia, he discusses Testivus, a proposed developer testing movement that's easier to embrace than more demanding developer testing movements such as Test Driven Development.

eWEEK: Agitar Puts Java to the Test
eWEEK does a Q&A with Agitar CEO Jerry Rudisin about the importance of testing and how it can help improve software quality and business agility.

Better Software: From Primitive to Prominent
Alberto Savoia discusses the past, present, and future of automated code analysis.

IT Shaking Up the Market for Testing
The first generation Agitar product was called Agitator but last month it released its second generation product called AgitarOne. This adds two significant capabilities to what was previously available.

Artima Developer: Alberto Savoia on Automating Unit Tests
In this interview with Artima, Alberto Savoia explains the need for test automation, discusses testing trends, and shares his views on the future of unit testing.

Dr. Dobb's Journal: Good Enough Knowledge of Software Quality
Code coverage, defect rate, and risk paint a fairly accurate view of the quality of a company's software-development process.

Java Developer's Journal: Agitar Delivers Java Unit Testing Solution, Receives Nod for IBM'S RSVP
Agitar introduces AgitarOne and achieves Ready for IBM Rational Software validation program.

SD Times: Unit Tests For Old Code
Agitar introduces AgitarOne, the first comprehensive, integrated, unit testing solution for Java.

InfoQ: Interview with Alberto Savoia on AgitarOne
Agitar founder and CTO discusses AgitarOne, Agitar’s new automated JUnit generation product.

EFYtimes: AgitarOne Available Free For Educational Institutions
Agitar is making AgitarOne, its new product, available free of charge to accredited educational institutions for teaching and academic research.

IT News Online: Agitar Introduces AgitarOne for Java Unit Testing
Agitar introduces AgitarOne, the first comprehensive, integrated, unit testing solution for Java.

Computerworld Australia: NSW Department of Lands Speeds Up Development
The New South Wales Department of Lands uses Agitar's products to help facilitate the development and testing of its in-house Web services applications.

UK Builder: AgitarOne Stirs Up Better Java Unit Testing
Agitar introduces AgitarOne, the first comprehensive, integrated, unit testing solution for Java.

The Inquirer: Agitar Agitates Enterprise Development
Agitar introduces AgitarOne, the first comprehensive, integrated, unit testing solution for Java.

Agile Journal: Agitar Introduces AgitarOne, the First Comprehensive, Integrated, Unit Testing Solution for Java
Agitar introduces AgitarOne, which provides automated JUnit generation capabilities.

Software Test & Performance: Getting The Most Out Of Unit Tests
Jerry Rudisin, CEO of Agitar Software, discusses how to increase the value of unit testing. Software development organizations that follow these practices will see meaningful improvement in the quality of their deliverables.

Java Developer Journal: Java Product Review: What to Do If Your Code Has No Tests
This article walks through using Agitator to create unit tests for the Struts MailReader application. "The flagship software agitation tool is Agitator by Agitar Software."

dBusinessNewsSanFran: Agitar Names John Dillon to Board of Directors
Agitar Software, the leader in enterprise developer testing, today announced John Dillon has joined the company's board of directors.

ACM Queue: Rational Thinking
Agitator takes Java code and “exercises” it, putting it through a number of different scenarios and displaying the outcomes so developers can see in advance the effects-and unintended behaviors-of their code.

JDJ: Java-Driven Code Quality is Topic of Latest SYS-CON.TV Power Panel
Agitar, Instantiations, Enerjy, Parasoft, Hurwitz Join Code Quality Debate

EnterpriseOpenSource: Agitar Begins Open Quality Initiative, Quality-Level Agreements to Better Software Development
Agitar Software has announced a new multi-vendor initiative devoted to improving the quality of Java software by exposing the thoroughness of testing.

Application Development Trends: Debugging Quality Control
Many programmers can’t tell you how their companies assess the quality of the software they produce-and in some cases, they don’t care to know.

InfoWorld: Agitator 3.0 puts Java code through the wringer
After putting Agitator 3.0 through its paces, I can certainly say I don’t know of any other tools that do anything close to what it accomplishes.

SD Times: Search and Destroy
If your organization is still using an antiquated bug-tracking system, such as an in-house FileMaker database or a massive Excel spreadsheet, it's time to upgrade.

Computerworld: Click Here to Accept Poorly Tested, Low-Quality Software
How do you ensure that you are getting quality software? How about starting to ask for transparency and visibility into your vendors' quality practices?

San Jose Mercury News: Walking Away From Google Riches
Agitar is creating software testing technology that aims to lower development costs by automating the manual test process of finding bugs and security holes in Java code.

Red Herring: Agitar Snags Another $10M
The extra funds will help accelerate Agitar’s R&D activity and international expansion.

InformationWeek: Wanted: Up-Front Security
New technologies, such as Agitar Software's Agitator, are tuned to address security holes during the application-development and testing phases.

UK.Builder.Com: Agitator 3.0 Review
The latest version of Agitar's automatic testing tool aims to make test generation automatic.

eWeek: One Tool Won't Cut It
Agitar mentioned as one of several innovators in the field of code analysis and quality assurance.

Wall Street Journal: Agitar Wins Innovation Award
The judges said Agitator is an important advance in making error-free code writing more productive.

Java Developers Journal: Enterprise Developer Testing for Java Takes New Leap Forward
Developer testing, the practice where software developers validate software quality at the time they write the code, speeds development, improves software design, and delivers order-of-magnitude reductions in software defects. Agitar provides the world’s leading software for developer testing and has garnered many best technology awards.

Tech Nation on NPR: The Global Reality of Funding and Building Software
Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Ann Winblad, co-founding partner of Hummer-Winblad Venture Partners and Laura Merling, CEO of SDForum. They discuss the global reality of both funding new software and then building it. Is it surprising? All roads lead to Silicon Valley.

eWeek: Tools Hold Code to High Standards
Peter Coffee writes: “Technology such as Agitar's can address one of the key concerns of outsourcing critical line-of-business application development: that outside teams will lack understanding of an application's mission and environment, with blind spots that will lead to conceptual gaps or failure to make small but critical distinctions.”

Reg Developer: XP architectures: grown not given
Architecture is sometimes seen as the Achilles heel of eXtreme Programming (XP), but Kent Beck disagrees.

DQ Channels: Testing on codes, which have been thoroughly unit tested, is a profitable option for solution providers
With software forming the core of most essential services in our daily lives-be it cell phones, airplanes, ATMs, telephone network, the Internet or air-traffic control systems-it is important to reduce failures within it without affecting the quality of work. Stuart Garrow of Agitar Software feels that 'developer testing' could just help to do that.

The Register: Rules of Thumb (sometimes) considered harmful
It is worthwhile questioning your favourite rules of thumb occasionally - when (or if) you have a spare moment. Take the one that says, "Never test your own work". It makes some sense, because errors in your understanding of the program spec or the way the business works may well be reflected in your tests, just as much as they are in your code.

Channel NewsAsia: Early Detection the Best Solution for Error-Free Software Programmes at Delivery
With unit testing, “you typically get feedback in a few seconds or a few minutes, and if you can automate the process, you can deliver code that can be tested faster than if you delivered code the old way”.

eWeek: Developer Tools are Never Good Enough
Software development tools, at least, can be readily improved, and in a positive-feedback process to boot: The people in the best position to notice what's missing are also in the best position to fix it, and with better tools they can build still better tools.

eWeek: Eclipse, NetBeans Not Always at Odds
To exploit emerging java-based technologies, developers enjoy an expanding arsenal of tools that increasingly rest on one of two open-source foundations: Eclipse and NetBeans.

Sys-Con radio: Agitar CEO Jerry Rudisin
SYS-CON Radio interviews Jerry Rudisin, CEO and President of Agitar Software.

The Register: Open-source projects get free checkup by automated tools
More open-source software projects are gaining the benefits of the latest code-checking software, as the programs' makers look to prove their worth.

Sys-Con.TV Interviews Alberto Savoia
At the JavaOne 2005 Conference, Alberto Savoia is interviewed by Sys-Con.TV. Hear what Alberto has to say about the 2.6 release.

Sys-Con.TV Interviews Jerry Rudisin
At JavaOne 2005, SYS-CON.TV asks Jerry Rudisin to provide a "35,000 foot overview" of the product and the company.

IT Week: Tool Makes Java Testing Easier
Java code testing specialist Agitar Software has launched in Europe by opening a sales and training facility in London.

Application Development Advisor Online: Agitate your code
Everybody says that testing is good, but it is the first thing that is sacrificed when deadlines bite. Besides, it's nothing to do with developers, is it? Surely, the QA Group does testing? Well, only up to a point, Lord Copper.

Information Week: Tools Help Squash Bugs
Testing is still often a manual process, one that's done only after the coding is completed and if there's enough time for it. Yet the expense of projects is reduced when bugs and errors are caught early. "Everyone recognizes that testing as early in the development life cycle as possible results in savings," even if they don't do it, says Paul Zorfass, an IDC software-development analyst.

SDTimes: May We Have the Envelopes Please
The SD Times 100 is our attempt to recognize the players behind those trends. Each year, we seek to identify the movers and shakers.

InfoWorld: InfoWorld CTO 25: Alberto Savoia
Agitar's CTO, vice president of engineering, and founder named one of InfoWorld's Top 25 CTOs.

eWeek: IT Quality Assurance Tools
Agitar was named a finalist in the Fifth Annual eWeek Excellence Awards for IT Quality Assurance Tools.

Builder AU: Developer Spotlight: Kent Beck
Kent Beck is one of the three creators of the agile process extreme programming (XP), and author of JUnit. Builder magazine caught up with Beck to talk agile methods and his future plans with software company Agitar.

IT Manager's Journal: Four Java IDEs duke it out
With the exception of Borland, the XML editors were modest when they should have been robust, and likewise the HTML editors. No product could generate meaningful unit tests in the way that third-party tools, such as Agitar Software's Agitator, do.

Forbes Magazine: Saving Software From Itself
Wall Street powerhouse Bear Stearns recently received a 100,000-line chunk of fresh software from its Bangalore development team, a block too big to check easily or to spot a single programmer's habitual errors. So Bear Stearns dumped the code into Agitar's product, called Agitator, which, in a couple of hours, can exercise new programs along millions of possible scenarios.

InfoWorld: The best products of 2004
Agitar wins Best Java Development Tool.

InfoWorld: Better quality through software
Agitator reads Java source files, performs data flow analysis, and acts as an intelligent assistant to the developer who is already committed to writing unit tests but needs help formulating testable assertions.

Infoworld: Source-code analysis and rich Internet application tools shone in 2004
Agitator is a pricey development adjunct, but its capabilities are extensive and worth the investment. If your organization is doing serious Java work, Agitator makes the building of unit tests almost enjoyable.

CIO Magazine: Agitar Customer Abebooks Achieves 100% Uptime
Abebooks shifted the focus of the development group to quality and brought in some of the new code-scanning tools, including Agitator.

eWeek: An Applications View on Security
Agitator's approach defines every aspect of application behavior by an explicit test that is intentionally failed-to ensure that it's catching the possible problem-before the code that's needed to pass that test is added to a work in progress.

Java Developer Journal: Developer Testing is 'In', an interview with Kent Beck and Alberto Savoia
This is the paradox: Why is something so good practiced so infrequently?

eWeek: Agitator 2.0 Is a Worthy Assistant
A programming aid should always shorten a programmer's list of problems. Many tools fall short of that goal, merely replacing familiar coding tasks with the nuisance of instructing an intrusive, clumsy assistant. One welcome exception is Agitator 2.0.

Infoworld: Tools wrap: Agitar Software this week announced availability of two testing tools
Agitator's J2EE capabilities have been expanded to include support for EJB and the Apache Struts framework. Support also has been enhanced for Servlets and JDBC.

Computerworld: “With voting software, you pretty much buy a pig in a poke.”
Jerry Rudisin, CEO of Agitar Software Inc. says he suspects that the original Diebold code wasn't subjected to unit testing based on the lack of change-control documentation.

InfoWorld: Agitator Stirs Up Unit-test Drudgery
Most unit-test tools require you to craft the unit tests from the get-go. Agitator builds boatloads of unit tests that you never really see. You simply see the results and pick which observations are (or should be) correct.

eWeek: Java Releases Ramp Up Productivity
Doing in minutes what would take even a skilled developer several hours, Agitar's Agitator workbench quickly showed us the defects in manually written tests-for example, where they had failed to exercise execution paths.

Nikkei News: EC-One Licensed To Sell U.S. Test Software For Java Programs
Agitator covers all behavioral patterns specified by a software code, and can check in a short time whether the program has any problems, through verification experiments conducted by inputting various abnormal sample data into the code. Agitar Software Announces Agitator 1.5: Java Unit Testing
The product does a bunch of things, but the 'Agitate' functionality was really interesting. It did really smart things to work out how to test code, and took some of the grunt work out of building unit tests.

Sys-Con radio: Agitar CTO Alberto Savoia
SYS-CON Radio interviews Alberto Savoia, CTO and VP of Engineering for Agitar Software.

Infoworld: Open source and the advancement of automated code analysis
I had used NLucene, the .NET port of the Java-based Lucene search engine, as a benchmark to explore that product's debugging and source-code analysis features. Agitar's development lead, Kent Mitchell, picked up on the idea. He fed Lucene's Java sources into his test automation tool, Agitator, and used Lucene to demonstrate his product.

Sun Microsystems: Best in the Business: Duke's Choice Awards
Agitar Software gives engineers tools to automate test creation, and puts them in control of maintenance and management of unit tests. Test results are displayed in a dashboard where teams can view code quality from every possible angle.

Washington Post: webMethods Selects Agitar In Continued Commitment to Highest Software Quality
Agitar will assist webMethods in ensuring the delivery of high-quality code in hand-offs between engineering and QA, and maintaining the lowest possible number of escaped defects. Test what you think of and even what you don't
Tools like Kent's Agitator come in very handy they help you to see the stuff you did not think of.

SDTimes: Easing Developer Agitation Over Testing
This article requires a membership to view.

TechNewsWorld: Can software kill you?
If you test each module before the entire code is run, you improve the chances of no failure by a factor of 10 or more.

The Wall Street Transcript interviews Jerry Rudisin
Developer testing done manually is better than not having developers test at all. But manual approaches strand you on a shallow plateau pretty quickly. Manual approaches just can't cope with the sheer complexity, number of combinations and numbers of tests needed to be thorough. So you really need some way of automating the creation of tests, of knowing what you're testing and why, and of knowing how good your tests are.

Infoworld: The art and science of software testing
The Agitator starts by exercising a class and making observations - for example, that the size of an array increased by one after a method call.

Infoworld: Chasing bugs away
Savoia advocates getting developers more involved in bug detection rather than leaving this function to QA personnel.

The Economist: Building a better bug-trap
In a society dependent on software, the consequences of programming errors (bugs) are becoming increasingly significant.

Red Herring: A shakeup in the bug-killing trade
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