Agitar Awards

  • May 2012: AgitarOne, has been named a 2012 Jolt Award winner in the Testing Tools category by Dr. Dobb's. AgitarOne captured this year’s Jolt Award on the strength of its comprehensive Java Unit test automation technology.
  • March 2007: AgitarOne was awarded the Jolt Award for Excellence in the testing tools category. This is the third year in a row that Agitar’s products have won a Jolt award – the "Oscars" of the software development tools industry.
  • March 2006: Agitar's new Agitator 3.0 is the winner of the Jolt Productivity Award. As far as we know, no other development tool has won the Jolt two years in a row.
  • January 2006: Agitar's new Agitator 3.0 wins "Best Application Test Tool" in InfoWorld's 2006 Technology of the Year awards.
  • October 2005: Agitar became the first software development tool to ever receive a Technology Innovation Award from the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal selected Agitator as the winner of the 2005 Technology Innovation Award in the category Software. The judges said: "Software writers typically have to scour for buggy code by poring over thousands of lines of code -- often after flaws show up while users are running the program. Agitator automatically puts software through a battery of stress tests; it also can examine partial programs by simulating the whole software system. Though Agitator works only with programs written in the Java programming language, the judges said it is an important advance in making error-free code writing more productive."
  • March 2005: Software Development selected Agitator as the winner of its annual Jolt Award in the category Automated Test Tools. The judges wrote: "Unlike most other automated test tools, Agitator is easy to use - simply point it at your code, a method, class or complete project, and let it loose. The tool analyzes a program and selects data that it determines will effectively exercise the methods in the program. It then finds boundary conditions and data values that will exercise all conditions and branches, and it does it quickly. It generated and ran almost 1,600 tests on a class in less than 10 seconds."
  • February 2005: eWeek selected Agitator as Finalist for its 5th Annual Excellence Awards, stating: "Agitator and Agitar Management Dashboard are a powerful duo for Java code testing and development environments. Judges liked how Agitator intelligently exercises Java code and provides feedback to developers on code behaviors. Agitator also provides code standard checking to ensure problems will be found (and fixed) early."
  • December 2004: The most innovative and effective products tested by InfoWorld during 2004 were chosen as "Technology of the Year" Award winners. Agitator was chosen for "Best Java Development Tool." InfoWorld Test Center reviewer Rick Grehan gave Agitator a score of "excellent" and stated: "None of the Java unit-test tools I've seen so far are quite as good as Agitar Software's Agitator."
  • June 2004: Agitar Software was named a prestigious Duke's Choice Award winner by Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy. The awards celebrate the "best in the business" from among all the cool projects in the world of Java technology, as judged by Sun CEO McNealy and Java creator James Gosling. Agitar was the only software development tool vendor honored with the Duke's award in 2004.