Automated JUnit Generation

AgitarOne automates the generation of JUnit tests for your entire Java application.

AgitarOne's automated JUnit generation capability is so powerful that for the first time, development organizations can create meaningful, useful regression tests for Java applications - quickly and easily. AgitarOne generates the most thorough tests available because it is powered by Agitar's award-winning and revolutionary test automation technology, software agitation.

View a five-minute demo of AgitarOne's JUnit generation capabilities.

On legacy Java code, AgitarOne gives you a thorough set of JUnit tests that serve as a "safety net," making it easier for your team to maintain and extend even the most complex enterprise applications.

On new code, AgitarOne allows every developer – whether a novice or an expert – to get started quickly and easily with unit testing.

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to get started, AgitarOne can jump-start the process by generating a thorough set of JUnit tests. If you’re already writing unit tests, AgitarOne can complement your efforts, and help you create a more exhaustive set of unit tests with much less manual effort.