AgitarOne - Putting Java to the Test

The AgitarOne product family helps you work safer, better, and smarter as you develop and maintain your Java applications. AgitarOne JUnit Generator creates thorough JUnit tests on your code. This helps you find regressions and makes it safer and easier to improve your code to reduce the cost to maintain it. AgitarOne Agitator helps developers understand the behavior of their code as they write it. This helps you prevent bugs and prevent code complexity that can become tomorrow's maintenance headache. The AgitarOne family is the best available way to create, use, and manage the unit tests that you need to be truly agile.

Automated JUnit Generation

You can automate the generation of JUnit tests to create a "safety net" before you start working with existing code.

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Interactive Exploratory Testing

Powered by Agitator

Agitar’s breakthrough innovation, called "software agitation™," supports interactive exploratory testing on your Java code to help you make sure it works correctly.

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Functional Coverage Tracker

Track code coverage for functional testing of Java applications to monitor the effectiveness of all test phases in any development environment.

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Code Rules

Built-in code-rule enforcement helps you eliminate error-prone coding patterns before they can cause bugs.

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Management Dashboard

Through a comprehensive project dashboard, AgitarOne gives you continuous visibility into how your project is doing against unit level quality targets.

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Continuous Integration and Test

You can immediately practice continuous integrated testing, so everyone on the team can know in minutes when a change introduced possible bugs.

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AgitarOne is server-based for easy deployment, and multiple servers can be clustered to service organizations of any size, without consuming desktop resources.