Licensing and Pricing from the Project to the Enterprise

The AgitarOne product family – AgitarOne JUnit Generator and AgitarOne Agitator – is a comprehensive server-based solution for creating, using, and managing unit-level tests for Java code. Each AgitarOne product is licensed for installation and usage on the customer's hardware; the code stays in the customer's environment.

AgitarOne licensing is priced to match the distinct usage models of each product. AgitarOne JUnit Generator is licensed on a subscription basis for use on a maximum number of "assets under management": the unique Java classes for which JUnit tests will be generated. AgitarOne Agitator is licensed on a subscription basis for use by a maximum number of users who may "agitate" (a unique kind of code analysis) their code.

All subscriptions include the server and client software as well as Agitar Customer Support Service (upgrades, patches, and web/telephone support) for the duration of the subscription.

Our subscription approach makes it easy to align pricing with actual usage and also puts the burden on Agitar to demonstrate the business value that will lead to customer renewal of the subscription. Subscription definitions are flexible and can support everything from small individual projects, to increasingly large workgroups, to the entire enterprise and its full portfolio of Java applications and development and QA staff. Substantial volume discounts apply to more extensive and comprehensive subscriptions.

Academic organizations may be eligible for free AgitarOne licenses under the "Agitar University" program.

The return-on-investment of AgitarOne is impressive and compelling, even for small organizations. We ask for the chance to show you the value of AgitarOne to your Java development efforts. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and pricing.