System Integrators

System Integrators use AgitarOne’s capabilities of automating every aspect of unit testing to unit test more easily and deliver higher quality software to their clients -- without adding significant time or effort to the process. With AgitarOne, SI’s worldwide are making quality a competitive advantage.

Here's what they have to say

"The world’s leading enterprises need high quality software with fast and reliable delivery times, and TCS is identifying and integrating new technologies and innovations into our solutions to meet this requirement. TCS sees developer testing as a key way to improve software development and increase the value we can deliver to our customers. We have chosen Agitar’s unique developer testing solution as the best way to accelerate our overall development process."
Dr. Gautam Shroff, VP of Technology Programs
Member of the Corporate Technology Board
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

"We incorporated Agitator into our development process as a way to speed up the QA process for SOA components. Increasing the return on our investment in unit tests requires being able to flow test code into regression tests. AgitarOne’s new JUnit Generation maintains tests assets created during development as standard JUnit tests, increasing the return on our investment in unit tests."
Shigeo Jisai
General Manager, New Technology Promotion Department
Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, Ltd.

"Agitar’s unique technology makes unit testing a fast, highly effective process for Java developers. And we’re particularly excited by AgitarOne’s powerful JUnit generation capabilities. Most of our clients have large business-critical Java applications, ranging from greenfield applications to large legacy code bases – and with AgitarOne, we can generate a thorough safety net of JUnit tests, which helps us build, extend, and enhance Java code with even greater reliability and speed than before. We see a significant positive impact on developer testing productivity and effectiveness through the use of Agitator and AgitarOne."
Kamran Ozair
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
IT Services
MindTree Consulting

An Asian systems integrator created a framework to accelerate its customers' projects. This framework did help the development cycle, but made testing more of a challenge. So, they used Agitar's Domain Experts API to create a Domain Expert specifically for their framework. This gave their developers the same kind of leverage during unit testing that they got during development itself. The result was both increased productivity and increased quality, plus the confidence that comes from software that is a business asset that grows with the needs of the company. This integrator uses their Domain Expert as a competitive advantage in winning new business.

  • EDS
  • Tata Cconsulting Services
  • Fujitsu
  • TG Information Network
  • Unisys
  • Medecision
  • Teranet
  • NTT Data
  • Sios
  • Hitachi