Agitar helps improve software quality and business agility for hundreds of enterprises worldwide, ranging from Global 100 enterprises to startups. A unifying theme across all these companies is their desire to realize business value through unit testing – the one best thing that most organizations can to do to improve software quality. Almost all Agitar’s customers start with unit testing manually using JUnit, and find that the automation that Agitar delivers helps them do more, sooner.

With Agitar, thousands of Java developers in a variety of industries – including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing – find that they can unit test much faster and easier, and build quality in, as they build software.

Here's what they have to say:

“In the Data Center Management group at Cisco, we estimate that maintaining products can add up to 40% to our engineering estimates. That’s why we believe in building quality in, through unit testing. Agitar’s unit testing solutions and expertise have helped our globally distributed development teams adopt agile practices with great success. With AgitarOne, we have the fastest, most effective way to get our current product thoroughly tested, and ensure our code is robust, flexible, and of the highest quality.”

Ian Wallis
Director of Data Center Management Software
Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Our database of books is one of the fastest growing e-commerce systems in use, and it has to deliver financial-grade security. We have embraced a developer testing program to safely upgrade our core software assets. Agitator has already paid for itself by finding software issues that would have been costly to Abebooks if left undetected. Using Agitator, our development team has taken further ownership over quality with marked improvements in our newly produced software, which is more maintainable and is produced with far fewer errors.”

Jayson Minard
CIO for Abebooks

“Financial Engines’ advice technology platform delivers investment advice and portfolio management services for over 3.8 million 401(k) plan participants. We are keenly aware of the importance of software reliability and involving our software developers in the process of ensuring quality. We selected Agitar because it helps us significantly increase our control over software quality, engineering schedules and development costs.”

Michael Campbell
VP of Engineering at Financial Engines

“MarketAxess operates a leading global trading platform for credit products, and its success largely rests on its ability to continually offer new functionality without compromising on quality. Time-to-market and quality are critical to our competitive position. We selected Agitator because it enables us to further accelerate our pace of delivery while giving us more control over software quality and costs.”

John Vande Woude
Head of technology at MarketAxess

“We have already incorporated Agitator into the unit test phase of new development projects, and as a result, our projects have benefited from a streamlined development process and improved quality. The JUnit Generation and Continuous Integration technology-based test code auto-generation and auto-execution functions provided by AgitarOne automate the post-program revision degradation verification process that used to be performed manually. We expect this will contribute greatly to development productivity and quality improvement.”

Noritake Furuya
Technical Planning Department Group Manager
TG Information Network Co., Ltd.

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  • Aon
  • T-Mobile
  • Avaya
  • Cisco Systems
  • The Gap
  • Geico
  • Fannie Mae