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  • Free 30 Day TrialReduce the drag from fragile Java code by 50% or more: It's hard to be agile when your software applications are fragile. Applications are fragile when their code is not built for change: when the code is complex and when the code lacks good tests. Use AgitarOne JUnit Generator to create a safety net of JUnit tests that describe your application’s behavior. This helps you detect regressions when you change the code. And it gives you the foundation from which you can improve and simplify your code to reduce the maintenance burden. Result — you can change your existing applications safely and quickly.
  • Unit test faster, better, and cheaper with automation: With AgitarOne JUnit Generator, you get 80% — or better — code coverage, at the push of a button. With AgitarOne Agitator, you can understand your code's behavior more deeply as you write it, avoiding bugs and preventing complexity that becomes tomorrow's maintenance burden. Result — if you already practice unit testing, the AgitarOne product family helps you do it better and faster.
  • Cut development cycles and costs up to 30%: With proactive unit testing enhanced by the AgitarOne product family, you can catch defects early, dramatically reduce bugs from development to QA, and make integration, system testing, and the final QA cycle fast and predictable. Result — you build better software faster.
  • Reduce uncertainty around outsourced software projects: Make sure that your outsourced software development projects deliver solutions and not future problems. With the management dashboard in AgitarOne, you can specify and enforce precise acceptance criteria for the Java code your partner sends back. With AgitarOne JUnit Generator, your QA team can create the tests that will help you find regressions in subsequent deliveries from your partner. Result — you can ensure that your code is built for change so that you accept a flexible business asset instead of an expensive mess.

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