With over 1,100 employees, the company operates 17 offices located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1993, it is listed on the Paris stock exchange.

“I can’t name how many places I’ve been where there has been a totally inadequate level of development and integration-based testing. I love Agitar. I can’t see doing testing any other way. I can show prospective clients the value of Agitar in under an hour. I am so glad that I haven’t had to craft a JUnit test in a long while - it’s agony for me to do so now. ”
– John Woodward, Principal Consultant, Valtech


  • Introduce testing best practices. Show clients and prospective clients that their software is not too complicated to test and that it won’t take too much time or effort to test.
  • Change customer development habits. Stop the proliferation of the development of standalone applications that don’t communicate with anything other than data stores.


  • Agitar saves time and takes away a tremendous amount of the drudgery of writing unit tests (time savings). Agitar is much easier to use than JUnit to do hard testing.
  • Use and introduce Agitar to clients that are not doing unit testing to ensure quality of Valtech deliverables.
  • Use Agitar to create mocks and inject easily to isolate code.
  • Use Agitar to partition results. No more wading through code for Valtech or Valtech customers.