eWeek Enterprise Review: "Agitator 2.0 Is a Worthy Assistant"

eweekPeter Coffee at eWeek Labs reviewed Agitator 2.0 for the November 29th edition of eWeek. In Peter’s article titled "Agitator 2.0 Is a Worthy Assistant," Peter observes, "Invoking Agitator triggered an impressively insightful series of automated tests, yielding informative cues for actions that we could take to make our code far more robust."

He concludes: "We tested Agitator on Windows 2000 and appreciated the full integration with the Eclipse Foundation's Eclipse development environment that's new to the 2.0 release. Complex J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) projects will benefit from Version 2.0's added depth and rigor in generating mock objects to exercise Enterprise JavaBeans or Struts interfaces; large development teams will also want to evaluate the companion Management Dashboard product from Agitar, which monitors testing and focuses attention on high-risk modules."

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