Agitar Software Releases Agitator 3.0, Advancing Enterprise Developer Testing for Java

Agitator 3.0 provides enhanced support for frameworks such as J2EE and Struts, and APIs to enable support for more application environments

Mountain View, CA, Oct. 17, 2005 — Agitar Software, the leader in enterprise developer testing, today announced the general availability of Agitator 3.0 and Agitator Management Dashboard 3.0. The releases include new Domain Expert technology, a breakthrough that makes it possible for developers to generate highly accurate unit tests in mission-critical application environments such as J2EE and Struts.

Developer testing, the practice where software developers validate software quality at the time they write the code, speeds development, improves software design, and delivers order-of-magnitude reductions in software defects. Agitar provides the world’s leading software for developer testing and has garnered best technology awards from InfoWorld, Java One, SD Times and Software Development magazine.

Agitator 3.0 enables developers to codify knowledge about an application’s context when creating unit tests. Contexts can be coding standards, business rules, and/or application frameworks. This breakthrough approach provides higher accuracy and relevance of the created unit tests, reduction in complexity and workload for developers, and significant improve¬ments in software quality. Agitator 3.0 is pre-packaged with Domain Experts for coding standards, J2EE, Struts, and Log4J.

"Fujitsu FIP provides software development services to Fujitsu worldwide, as well as to other large customers. Agitar’s solutions help us deliver superior products to our customers and be very responsive to their requests," said Kawahata Kazutoshi, director of the software components division of Fujitsu FIP. "Much of our work involves the Struts Framework, so we are excited to see Agitar advance the state of the art in this field."

Agitator also includes a public Domain Expert API, enabling customers and partners to create experts for their own Java environments. Japan’s largest J2EE integrator, EC-One (JASDAQ: 2310), has created an Agitator Domain Expert for its c-Bank application framework.

"Domain Experts are a uniquely powerful way to capture the context of the environment in which unit testing takes place. Our cFramework Domain Expert makes it much easier to unit test new enterprise applications developed against cFramework, with higher levels of code coverage and stronger tests," said Eihiro Saishu, president and CEO of EC-One. "Agitar’s API allowed us to quickly create our cFramework Expert. This makes it easy to bring the value of unit testing to our key c-Bank customers as part of their development process."

About Agitator:
Agitator helps developers find and eliminate defects as they write code, and create a thorough set of durable test assets from the beginning of a project. The Management Dashboard gives software managers unprecedented information about a project’s quality status and progress. Projects built with Agitar technology have higher asset value, because they have lower defect rates and can be changed more easily and with more confidence when requirements change.


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Using unprecedented JUnit Generation and software agitation techniques, and Java functional testing coverage capabilities, Agitar Technologies enables the enterprise to save time and money, releasing Java applications faster with fewer bugs. The “AgitarOne” product family enables software teams to create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. Customers have cut legacy maintenance efforts by 50%, released new applications 30% faster with fewer bugs, and cut the cost of finding and fixing post-release bugs by 90%. Agitar Technologies is a privately-held company headquartered in Cranston, RI. For more information visit


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