Agitar Unveils Breakthrough in Automated Testing – New Release Delivers Unprecedented Code Coverage at Record Speed to Increase Business Agility

Test Automation Breakthrough Guarantees 80 Percent Code Coverage of Java Applications, Delivers in Hours What Used to Take Months

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., August 28, 2007 - Agitar Software, the leader in enterprise unit testing, today announced a new version of AgitarOne, its flagship product that brings unprecedented power, performance, and simplicity to Java unit testing. AgitarOne now achieves – and guarantees – 80 percent project code coverage out of the box, improving business agility by giving development teams a basic safety net of tests to dramatically reduce risk when changing applications.

It’s hard for an enterprise to be agile when its software applications are fragile. To keep up with rapidly changing business requirements, an organization must be able to change its software not only quickly, but also safely. Even minor code changes can often cause major regressions in functionality. A thorough suite of unit tests is a proven way to help development teams detect potential regressions quickly and easily, but test development is a time-consuming, combinatorial problem. Without some form of automation, it’s easy to fall short in unit testing efforts; most software organizations that practice unit testing rarely achieve coverage of more than 10 to 20 percent.

With AgitarOne, development teams can now generate a basic set of unit tests that provide 80 percent code coverage across the project in a matter of hours. With this set of tests, the team now has the basic foundation needed to detect unwanted or unexpected changes in code behavior. Using AgitarOne’s automated tests as a starting point, teams can dramatically reduce the risk associated with changing business applications to achieve improved business agility.

"I can say with confidence that AgitarOne 4.2 is the world’s fastest and most powerful automated test generator for Java – nothing else comes even close," said Alberto Savoia, CTO of Agitar. "Being able to generate 80 percent or better unit test coverage in hours is a game changer for IT teams."

"By giving developers a basic suite of unit tests that they can immediately run, analyze, and enhance, AgitarOne makes it much more likely that developers maintaining existing applications will embrace and take a more active role in unit testing – which should be the ultimate goal," added Savoia. "Starting from 20 percent or less code coverage, and faced with the prospect of having to write hundreds of thousands of lines of JUnit by hand just to catch up, is an understandably depressing prospect for developers and a huge schedule hit and expense for the organization. AgitarOne’s out-of-the-box automation gives developers the time to focus on testing the areas of the code that can benefit the most from human insight, intuition, and domain knowledge. Armed with AgitarOne, an organization can transform its code base from fragile to agile, and have exhaustive tests without exhausted developers."

AgitarOne’s unprecedented project-wide code coverage is made possible by multiple breakthroughs in code analysis and test automation, including major advances in mocking technology to solve complex dependencies on other code components. AgitarOne’s highly scalable, server-based architecture also helps users achieve this level of coverage at unprecedented speed, with recent benchmarks showing throughput of 250,000 lines of JUnit test code in an hour—which is orders of magnitude faster than manual testing.

To ensure effective creation, usage, and management of unit tests, AgitarOne is a comprehensive integrated solution that also includes

  • software agitation to perform exploratory tests on Java code interactively;
  • code-rule enforcement;
  • code-risk management dashboard that allows a continuous view of actual project quality compared to unit-level quality targets;
  • continuous integration and test framework.


About Agitar Technologies, Inc.
Using unprecedented JUnit Generation and software agitation techniques, and Java functional testing coverage capabilities, Agitar Technologies enables the enterprise to save time and money, releasing Java applications faster with fewer bugs. The “AgitarOne” product family enables software teams to create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. Customers have cut legacy maintenance efforts by 50%, released new applications 30% faster with fewer bugs, and cut the cost of finding and fixing post-release bugs by 90%. Agitar Technologies is a privately-held company headquartered in Cranston, RI. For more information visit