Agitar Releases Mac Version of Award Winning Java Test Automation Solution

October 23, 2012 - CRANSTON, RI - Agitar Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of AgitarOne for Mac OS X. Winner of multiple industry awards since breaking onto the Java development scene nearly ten years ago, AgitarOne now includes a 64-bit Mac OS X server which supports Mac OS X 10.6 and above, serving a whole new audience of Java developers.

“We are pleased to be offering AgitarOne to the Mac Java development community,” said Dale Brenneman, Agitar’s VP of Technology. “As we continue to innovate on the automated testing front, we want to open the technology up to as many potential Java developers as possible. This latest release helps us toward this goal.”

Mac OS X developers will now be able take advantage of AgitarOne’s three groundbreaking components: ‘JUnit Generator’, ‘Agitator’, and ‘Functional Coverage Tracker’.

  • JUnit Generator automatically writes up to 250,000 lines of JUnit code per hour, so developers can focus on developing and maintaining code instead of writing tests.
  • Agitator utilizes exclusive software agitation technology with which developers validate the expected behavior of their code and discover unexpected behaviors as the code is written. This software agitation is “probably the coolest and most effective feature I've seen in a JUnit test automation platform, and AgitarOne pulls it off effortlessly,” writes Dr. Dobb’s Contributing Editor and Jolt Judge Mike Riley.
  • Functional Coverage Tracker tracks code coverage for functional testing of Java applications. It uses a coverage agent to obtain code coverage data during your testing of Java applications, under any Java runtime environment. This can include testing of functionality for any test methodology and any test phase (e.g., unit, integration, system, acceptance).

This release (v5.4) with MAC OS X support also provides compatibility for the recent Eclipse Juno version (3.8 and 4.2), support of applications using CGLIB, support of applications using AspectJ, and other enhancements.


About Agitar Technologies, Inc.
Using unprecedented JUnit generation, software agitation techniques, and Java functional testing coverage capabilities, Agitar Technologies enables the enterprise to save time and money, releasing Java applications faster with fewer bugs. The “AgitarOne” product family improves both new and legacy applications by allowing software teams to easily create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. Agitar Technologies has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.