Agitar Expands Presence in China

CRANSTON, RI - Agitar Technologies personnel recently visited China, working in concert with regional partner Duma Software at various sites throughout the country to increase visibility and expand their reach into one of the largest Java development communities in the world. With Duma as their host, Agitar was able to visit one of their newest customers, a telecommunications giant, and provide face to face training for AgitarOne users.

Agitar and Duma Software

“Given our recent successes in the Chinese utilities and telecommunications market, we wanted to experience firsthand how our customers in the region were using AgitarOne to improve their Java development efforts.” said Aaron Rhodes, Senior Product Specialist for AgitarOne.

“A number of our Chinese customers are using AgitarOne on legacy code, or code that does not currently have tests,” said Rhodes. “In coordination with Duma we were able to demonstrate first-hand how AgitarOne’s JUnit Generator automatically creates the most thorough set of unit tests and extremely high coverage rates to ensure the highest quality Java applications.”

Agitar benefited greatly from being on site with these customers, demonstrating the full functionality of AgitarOne and understanding user queries that might otherwise have been lost in translation. Trainees were able to get down to the nuts and bolts of processes, the value of unit testing, and the power of AgitarOne JUnit Generator.

“We are quite fortunate to have such a capable partner working on our behalf in China,” said Jon Palmisano, Agitar’s Director of Business Development. “Duma Software has been working tirelessly and we have great hope for our continued mutual success in the region.”


About Agitar Technologies, Inc.
Using unprecedented JUnit generation, software agitation techniques, and Java functional testing coverage capabilities, Agitar Technologies enables the enterprise to save time and money, releasing Java applications faster with fewer bugs. The “AgitarOne” product family improves both new and legacy applications by allowing software teams to easily create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. Agitar Technologies has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.