One of World's Largest Financial Services Institutions Expands Use of AgitarOne

CRANSTON, RI - Agitar Technologies, Inc. has announced that one of the world’s largest financial services institutions has ramped up its use of the AgitarOne JUnit Generator, expanding from one team to at least twelve teams using the tool over the course of the past four years. The financial institution’s developers use AgitarOne to develop unit tests, also referred to as fast tests, which are short and specific tests that exercise specific building blocks of the code to ensure they return the right results.

In 2010 the financial institution began using AgitarOne to produce Java unit tests. Concerned about the willingness of teams to adopt the tool, the financial institution originally deployed the tool solely with a single team working on an all new application. “The original team found that frequent fast testing increases the speed and reduces the risk of the development process by preventing errors from being built into the code that might slip through system testing or, even if they are caught in system testing, might be more time-consuming to fix,” said Aaron Rhodes, Senior Product Specialist for AgitarOne.

Two years later, based on the success of the initial team, the financial institution decided to triple the implementation by rolling out the software to three more teams. “These teams were also successful so the company recently decided to triple the implementation again so that more than twelve teams are now using the tool on major projects,” Rhodes added.

Fast tests built with AgitarOne are scheduled with Hudson continuous integration software and run with the Maven build automation tool. Utilizing AgitarOne's Dashboard as the main metrics report, the health of each project and module is reported by assigning a green or red status in addition to reporting more detailed information such as how much coverage is offered by current tests, how many tests are passing and failing, etc.

About Agitar Technologies, Inc.
Using unprecedented JUnit generation, software agitation techniques, and Java functional testing coverage capabilities, Agitar Technologies enables the enterprise to save time and money, releasing Java applications faster with fewer bugs. The “AgitarOne” product family improves both new and legacy applications by allowing software teams to easily create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. Agitar Technologies has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.